I was fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the great state of Idaho. As many  of you, I grew up hunting and fishing. My fascination with the outdoors naturally led to my interest in Taxidermy. My taxidermy career started early with my own trophies and eventually morphed into  a full service, full time taxidermy studio. I have enjoyed working on trophies from around the world. I have won many awards for my work at the state, national and world levels.  I continue to hone my skills through study, competition, associations,and hard work. I have volunteered at the state and National level with multiple Taxidermy industry groups. I am currently on the Board of directors of the United Taxidermist Association. I am blessed  to be able to do what I love to make a living, and I think it shows in the work that leaves my studio. When you get a chance stop by our new studio and show room to enjoy our work and share a story.

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